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Colonial Heritage Golf Club offers a home-away-from-home for our members. Our club is built around the foundation of family and friends enjoying a full calendar of events that endure relationships and social camaraderie. Whether it's a casual round of golf, organized event, or a player development class, Colonial Heritage offers a year-round calendar of activities. Our club also offers a men's and women's golf association that provides a wonderful form of fellowship and competition that fosters new friendships and rekindle ones from the past. To view our membership tiers as well as resident and public play rates, please click here or on our brochure to the right.

Current Promotion: Sign Up Today and Receive FREE Membership for the rest of 2019!

Join the club under any 2020 Membership, and receive FREE membership for the rest of 2019. Any other for-fee membership benefits based on your selected membership tier still apply. You will receive your first membership bill after January 1st, 2020, and enjoy your membership for free until then! Ask our Membership Director on how to redeem this great offer.

Refer a Member!

Colonial Heritage Golf Club is pleased to announce our Membership Referral Program! If you have been a dues paying Member for at least 2 months, and refer a NEW Member, you will receive a dues credit on your account equivalent to one month of the referred Member's dues. For example: Mrs. Jane Doe, a current Preferred Golf Member paying $299 per month refers a NEW Member, Mr. Jim Bob. Mr. Bob signs up for a 2020 Membership that costs $159 per month. Mrs. Doe gets a $159 credit towards her dues on the first month that Mr. Bob pays his dues! There is no limit: refer 5 NEW Members, get 5 of their equivalent monthly Member dues credited to your account. If you are good at referring, you can essentially have a FREE Membership!

This promotion may not be ongoing and may be adjusted or removed at any time. Terms and Conditions apply. Click HERE to view the T&C of the new referral program.

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